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Offer Bike - Vehicle Details & Description

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First Registration Date Click here for more information The original registration date of your vehicle can be found under 'B' as the first entry in the german vehicle certificate. Does not refer to date of purchase or of manufacture.

Registration month

Registration Year
Kms Click here for more information
how much your bike has been driven(Km stand). Please enter the figure without a dot or comma between the numbers.
Please note: if the vehicle has a replacement engine, it is the actual km from the initial registration date which is required, and not merely the km of the replacement engine!

Engine Capacity (cc):

Reg. No.

(For e.g Mumbai : MH-12 AU XXXX)
Transmission Type
No. of owners
Manufacturer Colour Name


Is there a significant non-repaired damage or is this a non-repaired accident vehicle?



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Please describe your vehicle - the more details, the better:
  • Condition (looks, dents etc.)
  • Number of previous owners
  • Is it a non-smoking vehicle?
  • Previous (repaired) accidents
  • Are there outstanding repairs?

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