Tata XenonXT

Tata Xenon – A small truck by Tata

Tata Xenon was basically launched in Thailand. In February 2009, it was launched in India as Tata Xenon XT by Tata Motors- Indian’s one of the best cars manufacturers. It comes in the SUV segment. It is known as Tata’s small truck which represents new life style in the SUV segment cars. It has created its own market. It has become a most successful car by Tata Motors. This small truck concept was entirely a new concept in the Indian automobile market. It has been a great story of success in the history of Indian automobile cars. Tata Xenon is known for its power and pick up. It can generate the amazing power of 140 BHP and the maximum torque produced by this car is 320 Nm. This car is a great combination of power, performance, comfort and convenience. It is available in a wide range of accessories and can be customised according to the customer’s choice. It is known as a life style vehicle. In 2005 it was redesigned and launched as Tata TL. It ensures very smooth and comfortable riding experience even on the rough roads. The advanced technology of Tata Xenon ensures fuel consumption. The car is aggressively designed with its classy looks. It’s a modern sedan and set a benchmark as a SUV car. The only model which comes in its category is Scorpio Getaway but in comparison Tata Xenon is the best in style and features.



The Tata xenon is powered with 2.2 litres VTT DICOR diesel engine. It produces an excellent power of 139 BHP. The maximum power generated by this engine is 115 bhp @5500 rpm. The maximum torque produced by Tata’s engine is 175 Nm @3750 rpm. The Dicor engine is an advanced engine. The striking factors of this engine are fuel consumption and lowering emission. Tata Xenon also comes with CNG engine. The CNG engine has already been launched in Thailand. It gives a great mileage of 12 kmph with greater safety and smooth rides. The engine runs on 5 speed manual transmission system. Engine control unit of this car can maintain its balance on Indian rough roads. The suspension system of the car is quite good and gives comfortable ride.




Tata Xenon is available in 2X2 and 4X4 versions.  They are Tata Xenon XT EX 4 X 2 and Tata Xenon XT EX 4X4 versions.  The four by two versions is available with the price tag of 7.62 lacs. The four by four versions comes with the price tag of 8.58 lacs. The car carries a warranty of two years. The car is known for its excellent fuel economy. Its fuel consumption makes it a perfect value for money car on Indian roads. Tata Xenon comes in four different colours. They are Black, White, Red and Grey.



Tata Xenon is designed so skilfully which gives the car sporty looks with so many purposes. Tata Xenon has a great loading capacity. The legroom of the car is so spacious which ensures the comfort of the passengers. The car has got a great personality with attractive looks. Tata Xenon is well equipped with engine immobilizer, AC, adjustable side mirrors and power steering system. The car is loaded with world class safety features. Five passengers can take a very comfortable ride and seat can be increased adding a seating cabin. Basically Tata Xenon is the modification of Tata Sumo Grande.

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