Tata SumoVicta

TATA Sumo Victa – Short for Victory!

Tata Motors India Limited launched Sumo Victa in 2004. The Victa is essentially the face-lift version of Tata Sumo. The exteriors have been touched up, although the specifications remain the same as the predecessor.

The Sumo is available in the market in as much as nine Victa variants:

CX 10/7 Str, DI CX 7/9/10 Str, DI EX 7/9 Str, DI GX 7/9 Str, DI LX 7/9 Str, EX 10/7Str, GX 7 Str, GX TC 7 Str, and LX 10/7 Str.


Sumo Victa


The standard variant TATA Sumo Victa is powered with a powerful 1948cc diesel engine which delivers power of 90PS @ 4300 rpm and a maximum torque of 19kgm @ 2500rpm.

-Sumo Victa

The Sumo Victa GX Turbo variant is assisted by the turbocharger to deliver 89 bhp @ 4,300 rpm while at the same time makes 186 Nm of torque @ 2,500 rpm. The difference is sizable relative to performance of non-turbo engines. The non-turbo engine is underpowered due to the vehicle weighing 2,500 kgs.

-Sumo Victa DI

The Direct Injection variant of the Victa, has a potent powerhouse of 3.0L diesel engine, and it cranks out 69 bhp@3000 rpm and 223 Nm of torque @1600 to 2200 rpm.  The  engine is torque and quite a deal on rugged terrains and corners.




The front of Tata Sumo Victa has an appealing design due to its chrome front grille and sparkling headlamps. The tail light cluster seems trendy as well. The exterior aesthetically adorns the contrasting coloured claddings and bumpers.

The cleverly designed 60:40 split option at the second row seats ergonomically enhances the space and flexibility in different modes of travelling. Furthermore, the front row facing seats can be completely detached so as to provide ample space to accommodate extra baggage.

Overall, the styling and comfort are mid-range for SUV-MUV cross over vehicle of its cadre. Both internally and externally, the features are similar when compared to its immediate cousins – The Grande & the SE+. The DI engine is impressionable and the identity of the Victa has been made among the Sumo variants.


Sumo Victa Interior

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