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Tata Motors is India’s leading manufacturing company and known as one of the best sound car manufacturer companies. Tata Spacio was launched by Tata Motors in India. Basically it’s a variant of Tata Sumo.Tata Spacio is a follow up variant of the most popular utility vehicle (MPV) called the Tata Sumo. As the competition became fierce with time, Tata had to maintain the cult status that Sumo had achieved and the unique market segment it held. They did this by producing different variants of the vehicle that were more relative to the changing demand of the time. This was how Tata Spacio was conceived with the engineers at the development, having an urban carrier in their mind. 




The powerhouse of this humble beast is the same engine as that was used in TATA 407 mini truck. Needless to say, the DI engine in this vehicle is efficient and quite fuel efficient in that regard. The engine is a 2956cc diesel Direct Injection engine offering a power of 65hp @ 2800rpm & maximum torque comes at 18.4kgm @ 1500-2000 rpm. By using DI engine one can be assured of safe ride on Indian bumpy roads. The other one is a diesel engine which is Bharat Stage II. It’s a diesel direct injection engine. It generates 2956 cc power. It produces maximum output of 65 HP @ 2800 rpm. The maximum torque generated by Bharat stage II is 17.7 Nm @1600 rpm. Tata Spacio comes with5 speed transmission system. The gear box has five forward gears and one reverse gear.



Design & Comfort

The TATA SPACIO comes in two variants - Hard top and soft top catering to different consumer choices. As it replaces the TATA Sumo which was built more for rural areas, this one hits the urban environs with suavity and class, without the compromise of a 'luggage hauler'. With added 'comfort features' such as ergonomic styling throughout in the passenger cabin, the ride is a pleasant one. High ground clearance together with anti-roll suspension, TATA guarantees 

The travel to be smoother, comfortable and enjoyable. Going by its name, there is ample head room and leg room at the back. Also, the premium model is finished with plush fabric upholstery which is quite impressionable. Add to that, brushed aluminium gear finish, with the the leather gear cover, TATA has indeed styled and looked into the cosmetic subtleties. Tata Spacio was launched with two versions. Different needs of public were fulfilled by adding some features like soft top and regular metal top. Tata Spacio has some creature comforts like PS audio and super cool air condition system. The Spacio was a big hit as a call centre cabs in Mumbai. The great thing about this car is it doesn’t have any real competition in its segment. Aim of Tata after launching Spacio was to increase penetration in the family vehicle class. The price of Spacio varies from 5.4 lakhs to 5.8 lakhs.

Spacio soft top



Tata Spacio is a great combination of style, comfort and safety. It gives complete assurance of reliability. The sturdy structure of Spacio ensures the safety of the passengers. Spacio is highly equipped with all the needed safety features. It has a reputation of a very safe vehicle in the multi utility vehicle segment. Shock absorbance feature is like hydraulic acting at front and rear helps a lot on rough roads.

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2007 Tata Spacio Gold 10/6 Str BSII

Maharashtra | Mumbai

Red Manual Transmission
₹ 300,000.00
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Additional costs (e.g. taxes, transport, insurance, etc.) might have to be covered by buyer.

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