Tata LandRover

TATA Landrover’s Range Rover – An up-class SUV

Landrover’s Range Rover is a brilliant all rounder in the SUV segment, which boasts a competitive international presence over other cars in its segment. Backed by India’s largest car maker – Tata Motors, the Range Rover is available in 2 options of 4.4 litres and 5 litre engines option. The verdict is, take the Range Rover anywhere, and it does justice on off-road or tarmac with equal ease.


The original styling has been retained been for the signature Range-Rover look. However, one could opt for exterior design package which bumper finishes, side grill trims, to a choice of 8 body colours.



The true identity of Range Rover lies under its hood and its engine is a grunting V8 behemoth. The higher end which is a 5litre engine is supercharged, which adds to more optimal power. The 4.4 litre is the turbo diesel CRDI engine which delivers a maximum power of 313PS & Maximum torque of 700Nm. The fuel efficiency for this beastly baby is a kind 30.1mpg.


As with the exterior, little changes, leaving the customer with choices of added cosmetic trims and bumper finishes. The Range Rover interior is masterly designed and is exemplary through beautiful craftsmanship. It includes real wood veneers and high quality leather. The epitome of technology that a Range Rover is driven in pride with, is shown in its unique ‘Terrain Response®’ which allows the system to automatically select the most optimal electronic solution given the road conditions.

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