Tata Jaguar

TATA JAGUAR- a British luxurious sedan car for elite class

Tata Jaguar is a car from British car manufacturer company Jaguar Cars Ltd. Its Indian subsidy is owned by Tata Motors Ltd. Tata Motors Limited bought Jaguar cars ltd. In 2008. Jaguar is a luxurious beauty known for its comfort and sophisticated looks. Tata Jaguar is a great fusion of interior and sporting luxury. It’s an ideal balance of performance and responsiveness on Indian roads. This is very luxurious sedan car available at very high price, range of 63 to 90 lakhs. Jaguar is well equipped car with all the convenience. It’s a perfect example of very stylish and attractive interiors inside the car. Tata Jaguar provides much more safety by its enclosed body. This is a car specially designed for elite class people. Jaguar is a mesmerizing beauty and a dream car for any car lover. The lavishness of Jaguar is expressed by both its exterior and interior features. It has everything which a luxury car lover wants.




Tata Jaguar is available in two different models- XF model and XK model. The exterior of these two models is a perfect example of style and comfort. This car is well equipped with all safety features as well as all the convenient features that any car lover would want. Some key features of this car are electronic parking brake and start- stop buttons around the switch panel. Tata Jaguar is available in different royal colours- Indigo Blue, Ebony, Emerald Fire, Frost Blue, Botanical green, Azure Blue, Peal Gray, Liquid Silver, Salsa, Vapour Gray etc. The prise of Jaguar is very high and itself says it’s designed for high class people. It varies from 63 lakhs to 90 lakhs.

Jaguar Interior



This very sophisticated car is basically available in Jaguar’s XF and Jaguar’s XK versions. The new engine XF V8 is used in Jaguar XF. Jaguar XK comes with 5 litre AJ V8 GEN III engine. This engine generates the power of 385 BHP @ 6500 rpm. The maximum torque produced by the engine is 515 Nm @ 3500 rpm. The sequential shift system is a unique feature of Jaguar which comes with six speed transmission system.



Athletic and rigid body of Jaguar ensures very high safety. Its body is designed in such a way that it acts as a shield. In case of major accidents a driver can be in controlled by Trac Dynamic stability control feature. Some common features like airbags and seat belts are well equipped in Tata Jaguar.


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