Nissan Teana

Nissan’s Teana is a very good option to be chauffeured around. Its marvellous ride is best enjoyed from the rear seats with its tranquil and high quality interiors, along with comfort seats. Though its heavily expensive here, yet worth Rs.32.4 lakh. Its handling is swampy and its performance can be rated as fair




Teana’s monolithic black coloured roof is the first thing which catches your eyes. Its twined and huge head lights give it a great look than the old Teana. Its equi-angular shaped rear lights give the best look. One of its versions has alloy wheels of 17 inches. It is designed with disc brakes and has a multi- link set up at its rear. It has a conventional Macpherson ruffle setup. It has a cross engine and its front wheels are very powerful. Due to the beautiful designing of the car, it has helped in cutting down the effects of torque shove due to the low placement of engine and so the drive tubes are almost equivalent to the ground.




The interior of Teana is remarkably comfortable, but an interior of new Teana has increased the standards once again. It is very spacious and gives a feel of a lounge with wooden finish along with simple controls. One will adore its flawlessly cushioned front seats and the soothing effect with the finest preferred colours.  Its interiors also include hot and cold seats, enormous glass roof to let the light in and smooth buttons too. The entry and exit in the car is keyless which is expedient. It has a very minute door pockets which are rarely used but still adds up in its beauty. For enjoying a chauffeur driven ride most of the times, Teana is the best option. Even the best sofas quality is beaten by the seats of Teana and it also gives an ample space for back, shoulder and neck rest. To sum up in the front seat passengers comfort level it also provides a flexible calf support. Teana gives a pleasant lively feel in the rear cabinet. To enjoy the best comfort of the rear seats it suggests for only two persons travelling or with the addition of the third person in the rear seat the comfort level will have to be compromised with. A car as a whole is a best four – seater car.

teana interior



The old Teana version had 2.3 – litre but the new Teana Version is mechanized with a 2.5- litre V6 which is advanced than the older one with 180bhp on tap. Though the motor is very shiny and polished, but it has a Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT) problem. When you want to make a rapid advancement, the gearbox keeps the engine circling near the red line which indicates that it is fairly perceptible. No doubt it is quite audible but it is completely silent when it is not working. Functioning is more relaxing than urgent but there’s that good linear power relief, thanks to CVT dishing out the complete gear proportion all the time. Yet, there is that annoying elastic band effect when the choke is pressed. The broadcast’s ‘Sports’ mode helps when you need to go quickly but it’s still quite a way off from being sporty.




The leisurely ride of Teana’s is very American car type. The car stumble over road and its suspension is set up to indulge rear passengers. The suspension gulps down bumps with maximum simplicity without any undulations sifting into the cabinet. The only bumps that sieves through are the spiky – edged- ones and we put this down near the ground. The steering is bit tedious and soaky but gratefully there’s sufficient feel for both high – speed driving and is light for low – speed manoeuvres’.


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2008 Nissan Teana Base

Delhi | New Delhi

Sedan Damaged vehicle
Silver Automatic Transmission
₹ 1,125,000.00
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Additional costs (e.g. taxes, transport, insurance, etc.) might have to be covered by buyer.

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