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Maruti Grand Vitara was launched by Marti Udyog in India which was known as a sports utility vehicle. Basically the vehicle was built in Japan in Hamamatsu, which is a small car capital in Japan. Maruti Suzuki Grand Vitara is a crossover SUV.The first generation version of Marti Vitara is a little bit expensive, larger and powerful. Maruti Vitara has given great competitions to the vehicles like Tata Safari, Ford Endeavour and Honda CR-V. This car is well equipped with the latest safety feature and has become the most powerful car in its segment with great luxurious features.



The stylish appeal of the Grand Vitara is enhanced because of its front. The wider body coloured front grille gives it the slick looks. There are so many changes have been brought into the bumper which gives an aggressive power-look to the car. The most widely available version is 5 door version, but in some markets 3 door version is also available. The 3 door version drops the “Grand” and simply branded as “Vitara”. More air-bags and traction control improves the safety in Grand Vitara.IN all models four mode four wheel drive system is available .The cost of the car is about 23 lakhs which is very reasonable compared to other cars in the same segment. The model comes with A.C. as standard fitting. Grand Vitara also equipped with power steering and power windows too.


The Maruti Grand Vitara has v6 2736 cc cubic engine which comes with 5M speed gear box. It gives average mileage –about 6.5 km per litre in the city and about 8.7 km per litre on the highways. The engine delivers 166 BHP with a torque figure of 236 Nm. It has four valves per cylinder .The fuel injection of the car is Multi Point fuel injection. The reason to worry about this car is only its poor fuel efficiency otherwise the car is great in road handling, grips and safety.

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