Mahindra MM

India’s topmost automobile company Mahindra and Mahindra has launched Mahindra MM in India. The cars launches by Mahindra are very popular for its stylish body and various important features. Mahindra and Mahindra have been launching in the sports and multiutility features. Mahindra’s cars have very sturdy and hard body which ensures safety against any accidents. This car comes into SUV segment and ensures very comfortable and safe ride. Mahindra MM is available in four different variants. Mahindra MM 500/550 DP is the most popular variant of Mahindra MM. Mahindra MM 540 DP has got a design of Jeep. Mahindra MM has a thermostat cooling system. It is well equipped with some other important features like ball and nut type steering and master cylinder service brakes. In the market it was known as a ‘Legend-launched’ by Mahindra. Basically it’s a traditional jeep. It’s unstoppable performance and sturdy body makes it a first choice in its segment.


Mahindra MM



Variants and Engine

With sturdy body and its unstoppable performance Mahindra MM is a great competition for other cars of its segment. It is available in four variants


  • Mahindra MM 500/550 DP – It is available with diesel engine


  • Mahindra MM 500/550 XDB – It is available with XDB diesel engine. It generates the output of 72bhp@4000rpm. It is well equipped with safety and comfort features.
  • Mahindra MM 540 XDP – This model of Mahindra MM has 4.90 C XDP diesel engine. The maximum power generated by this engine is 62 hp@4000 rpm. The maximum torque generated by diesel engine is 12.3 Nm@2000 rpm.


  • Mahindra MM ISZ – This one is a petrol variant of Mahindra MM. It has electronic multi point injection system. The ISZ engine delivers the output of 84 bhp@5000 rpm. The maximum torque produced is 14 Nm@3400 rpm. It is well equipped with the features like speedometer, parking brake, high beam and flasher.



Design and Comfort 

Mahindra MM is an attention seeker in the market of utility vehicles. The windshields are designed in such a way that they are flat on the bonnet. Mahindra MM has ample side marker lamp on the front side and red side marker lamp on the rear side. The steering wheel is placed in such a way it gives the experience of large truck in terms of power.

Mahindra MM has been known as “legend” in its segment because of its power pact performance.

MM interior

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2000 Mahindra MM MM

Telangana | Hyderabad

Brown Manual Transmission
₹ 300,000.00
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