Mahindra CL

Mahindra CL – Sports utility vehicle

If the vehicle is launched by Mahindra and Mahindra one can have trust of great performance and good fuel efficiency. This very rear combo can be found only if the vehicle is designed very carefully and skillfully. Mahindra CL was launched by Mahindra and Mahindra (MM) in India. This car is a very good combination of unique features and stylish interior. Mahindra CL has a number of variants. Most popular variant was Mahindra CL 500/550. Mahindra CL is a unique experience on Indian roads because of its powerful performance. It comes with a diesel engine. The Inline pump fuel injection system will give great fuel consumption. Today, when fuel price is rising like anything, this will give you great fuel consumption. Comfort should be a main priority for any passenger and this Mahindra CL gives leisure time inside the car. The car has a sturdy body which perfectly suits on Indian lumpy roads.

Mahindra CL



Mahindra CL is available with 4-cylinder 4-stroke-MDI diesel engine. This engine gives great mileage and makes this car very efficient in terms of fuel consumption. This engine is highly powerful engine and it generates maximum power and maximum torque. It has four speed transmission systems. The maximum power generated is 58hp@3200rpm. The maximum torque generated is 16.55 Nm@1500 rpm. This engine is 2523 cc diesel engine. The compression ratio of this engine is 18:01. Mahindra CL has hydraulic brakes. These brakes give good grip on roads and help during the parking process.



Design and Safety 

This car has got a lot of comfort and safety features which ensure the safe and secured journey of the passenger. It is equipped with the features like high beam, hazard warning switch. Its top class performance and excellent body line puts it in a high class category in its segment. Its fuel tank capacity is 45 liters which is very high, thus it can be used for a long drive or picnic purposes. The steering of this car are recirculation types. They have 5.86 m turning radius.


The rare combination of fuel efficiency with great performance is available in Mahindra. This Mahindra CL was able to create its own market in great competition.

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