Bently Arnage

 Bentley Motors as an automobile manufacturer produces efficiency, luxury and smoothness. The Bentley Arnage was first produced in 1998.The Arnage was born into a class of well cared autos with over 5mtrs long and 2 mtrs wide. Today it continues to be an essential part of Bentley Motors in automobile world.


Since the Arnage was launched till date various versions have been rolled out into market by the company. This has made Bentley wellknown for its perfection in high performance cars with a touch of unusual simplicity. Versions differed from each other year by year as the company did, when its ownership struggle was going on between BMW and Volkswagen.




The Arnage Red Label and Green Label models which were introduced in late 1990s are the results of the struggle between different engine manufacturers.The arnage RL limousine was rolled out in 2001 with larger wheelbases. The Arnage R and T lines were the next launches. Both were simple the upgraded level of the Red and Green label vehicles with R designed for sporty looks and T for more power. The engine of Arnage R and RL models boosts up from 400 to 450bhp with torque escalating from 835 to 875Nm. The T comes with a revised twin turbocharged V8 engine that boosts engine upto 500bhp and escalates torque upto 1000Nm.



Bentley Arnage has been hindered as it is inefficient to prove itself as cost-effective vehicle as it gives 10 mpg city and 15 mpg highway. Its pollution emission level is also high. But this may not be a deciding point when a prospective buyer looks for luxury.



The new 2008 Bentley Arnage maintains the family’s prestige level, with noticeable power and chasis enhancements and a lovely interior. It also includes Bluetooth supportings, parking sensors, GPS system, Rearview camera, ABS in all the wheels and for children a seat anchor. A twin-turbo V8 engine with 450-500bhp based on its trim level. The touring limousine is priced at around `141 lacs and the Sedan versions in the range of `110 lacs – 125 lacs. The car is highly prices but compared to same launches by other manufacturers it is cheaper.  Its only for a person who really loves to drive. It is for the one who wishes to keep the car more uptodate then himself.

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